Iowa Writers’ Workshop – M.F.A. in Fiction (2014)

Indiana University – Began M.F.A. in Fiction (2011-2012)

Harvard University – B.A. in English and American Language and Literature, magna cum laude (2008)

Awards and Distinctions

Finalist, Orlando Prize (flash fiction – “October, Forest River” – 2012)

Creative nonfiction thesis awarded high honors (2008)

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize for Fiction (short story – “The Breaks” – 2007)


Indiana Review– “Suddenly, a Knock on the Door” (review – 2012)

Forbes Booked Blog – “Ned Rorem Muses, Laments” (review – 2011)

Forbes Booked Blog – Patti Smith Says Goodbye” (review – 2010)

The Commotion – Daily essays on the writing life published Summer 2010 – Spring 2011

Tuesday Magazine – “The Good Life” (essay – 2008)

Tuesday Magazine – “Simone” (short – 2007)

Tuesday Magazine – “The Breaks” (fiction – 2007)

Tuesday Magazine – “Running in Circles” (fiction – 2006)

Tuesday Magazine“Indulgence” (fiction – 2005)

Employment and Experience

The Iowa Review – Fiction Editor (2012-2013). Responsible for selection and solicitation of journal’s fiction content.

The University of Iowa – Teaching Assistant, Creative Writing (Fall 2012). Teaching one section of a studio-based creative writing course of my design. Course features fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Indiana University  – Associate Instructor, Creative Writing (August 2011 – May 2012). Taught two sections of introductory creative writing survey course with a dual focus on workshop-style praxis and “reading like a writer.”

Bloomington Writing Project – Associate Director, Writing Consultant (September 2011 – May 2012). Tutored weekly and ran regular workshops for Bloomington-area youth and underserved adults.

Iowa Writers’ Workshop Graduate Summer Fiction Program (2010)

Farrar, Straus and Giroux – Subsidiary Rights Assistant (June 2008 – May 2010). Collaborated with authors and estates, international publishers, and other members of the subsidiary rights team to license translated editions of FSG books worldwide.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux – Editorial Intern (Summer 2007). Read and reported upon submitted manuscripts for adult and juvenile editorial departments. Extensive work in subsidiary rights and copyediting.

Let’s Go Travel Guides – Editor, Let’s Go: Paris 2007 (February – August 2006). Edited and was held responsible for written content of Let’s Go: Paris 2007. Hired and trained two Researcher-Writers to fact-check and generate copy in Paris.

Let’s Go Travel Guides – Assistant to Director of E-Commerce and Fact-Checker for Let’s Go: Eastern Europe 2006 (Summer 2005). Assisted with redesigning of Let’s Go website and readers’ forum. Proofed and fact-checked Let’s Go: Eastern Europe 2006.

Tuesday Magazine – Writing Director (Summer 2007 – Spring 2008). Founded Staff Writer Program and supervised magazine’s team of 8 staff writers. Facilitated weekly writing workshops and served as mentor for individual staff writers.

Tuesday Magazine – Editor-in-Chief (Spring 2006 – Summer 2007). Held accountable for selection and editing of all written content in the magazine. Presided over weekly meetings with an 11-member editorial board.

Tuesday Magazine – Editor (Spring 2005 – Spring 2006). Met with authors individually to discuss their work and guide revision. Collaboratively selected pieces for each issue in weekly editorial board meetings.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter – Outreach Director (Winter 2006 – Spring 2008). Forged and maintained relationships with other Boston-area homeless care providers. Participated in weekly shelter policy-shaping meetings with other directors. Directed one weekly six-hour shelter shift, overseeing 4 volunteers.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter – Overnight Supervisor (Fall 2005 – Winter 2006). Supervised one weekly overnight shift (10:30pm – 7:30am), overseeing a team of 5 volunteers.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter – Volunteer (Fall 2004 – Fall 2005). Volunteered for one weekly overnight shift.

3 responses to “CV

  1. This describes me asomlt perfectly. (though I’d probably say I was less helpful than I could have been rather than terrible ) I felt I connected more with the girls than the Parents/Guiders. While confidant leading songs under the security blanket of night and campfire smoke, I was too shy to contribute during planning meetings. I’d rather be told what to do and shine at that rather than bring new ideas to the table. It’s not that I didn’t feel welcome by my co-Guiders, I just wasn’t confident enough yet. 3 years later I opened my own Spark unit with my Best Friend in a newly built school. 11 years after that, I’m co-commissioner with that very same friend. All moments in time, stepping stones which got me to where I am today. Running a District with 11 new Guiders registered in 2011-2012. To anyone reading this, you probably don’t know me, but you are growing Guiders just like me every year. Thank you for making me a better person and an awesome Guider, if I don’t say so myself! Keep up the good work.

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